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Awarded with the German Grandprix Of Tableware, DINEUS 2020

The Elements series "always makes the small difference", according to the jury. ELEMENTS glasses create "exactly the right inspiring accents for beautiful moments and with their matt surfaces they set an elegant counterpoint to the metallic tones of gold, silver and bronze."

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Brilliant elegance in series

Fine crystal glasses with a pulled stem

Stölzle Quality

Fine glasses like mouth-blown

Mouth-blown glasses require a high degree of craftsmanship and a lot of skill. Such premium glasses therefore have their price. Stölzle Lausitz is one of the few manufacturers in the world that masters the production of goblets with machine-drawn stems at the highest level. The resulting exclusive drinking glasses are absolutely comparable in their fineness, elegance and aesthetics with mouth-blown stemmed glasses. They also have a very high breakage resistance, are dishwasher-safe and invincible in terms of the price-performance ratio that can be achieved.

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